Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jason Mayhem Miller

Jason Mayhem Miller is quite a character as we all know. That is fuckin awesome in my opinion the guy is a great fighter who needs to make his presence more known in the cage. He has got the skills and size to be a champion no doubt about that. His randomness is something that a lot of people find weired and annoying but i think it is fantastic cause unlike most people i dont have a dry sense of humor. He has his trade mark strip of doom that is a single mohawk like structure. It is built on top of a mayhem monkeys head for laser beam like focus when going into battle and that is a quote from his mouth. All im saying is he is a force to be wreckin with and all people in all his weight classes should worry if he ever steps in the cage. So in conclusion i want to be a mayhem monkey and join his monkey cult. What do you think of mayhem?

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